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Professional Studies in Architecture - Lectures Only 2020

New staircase at The Bartlett School of Architecture, 22 Gordon Street © Jack Hobhouse


This course provides lectures that deliver the awareness, understanding and knowledge required by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB) for competence to practise. This course is available to anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with UK practice.

The course consists of approximately 50 lectures running from early January to mid-May. Topics covered include Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, Contracts and Contract Law, Dispute Management, Employment Law and Practice Management, Historic Building Legislation, Insurance, Management Principles, Planning and Professional Ethics.

The lectures are given by academics from various departments within UCL (including Architecture, Planning, Law and Management) and experts from external organisations and leading architectural practices (including ARB, RIBA, English Heritage, Sheppard Robson, Consarc Architects).

The majority of lectures take place on Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 9pm. In addition there are three all-day workshops that take place on Fridays during this period.

Attendees on this course have access to our virtual learning environment, where they will be able to download notes and presentations associated with the individual lectures, as well as receiving a hard copy of notes at the end of the lecture series and a Certificate of Attendance.

EU Citizens who are registered architects in their home country and are registered under EEC Directive 85/384 or EU Directive 2002/0061/COD with ARB may wish to attend the Professional Studies in Architecture - Lectures Only course in order to familiarise themselves with UK practice.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form and email the following supporting documents to our Part 3 team:

  1. Your CV, approx 2 pages (.doc or .pdf) not a portfolio
  2. A scanned copy of your passport, and your visa if applicable 


The fee for attending the 2020 Lecture Only course is £1000 and can be paid via the UCL Online Store.