The Bartlett School of Architecture



We offer a range of graduate programmes at The Bartlett School of Architecture, all of which cultivate radical and innovative ideas.

Our school is renowned for award-winning, innovative research and teaching that is academically robust, critically informed, design-led and interdisciplinary. Architecture has been taught at UCL for over 175 years and we are now proud to offer seventeen graduate programmes to students who want to use architecture to change the world. 

'The Third Space' by Krina Christopoulou, Architecture MArch 2020

Architecture MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2)

Architecture at The Bartlett allows students to develop an advanced understanding of what architecture is and what it could be. 

Architectural Computation Postgraduate Degree the Bartlett School of Architecture

Architectural Computation MSc

Architectural Computation empowers students to use computation to create innovative architectural solutions for the future. 

Architectural Design Postgraduate Degree The Bartlett School of Architecture

Architectural Design MArch

Architectural Design explores the frontiers of advanced architecture and design, and their convergence with science and technology.

Architectural History Postgraduate Degree The Bartlett School of Architecture

Architectural History MA

The leading programme of its kind, Architectural History explores what history can do for architecture. 

Image: Decolonising the Modern Wastescape by Francisca Pimentel, Architecture & Historic Urban Environments MA

Architecture & Historic Urban Environments MA

This programme pioneers a fresh and critical approach to architecture and historic urban environments. 

Bio-Integrated Design

Bio-Integrated Design (Bio-ID) MArch/MSc

Bio-Integrated Design teaches students to develop design solutions for a world shaped by environmental factors. 

computer generated cityscape with tall, multi-coloured buildings emitting a purple neon glow

Cinematic and Videogame Architecture MArch

Cinematic and Videogame Architecture offers students a unique opportunity to develop design projects at the convergence of architecture, film and videogames.


Design for Manufacture MArch

Design for Manufacture teaches students to use design in the context of making components and assemblies for the construction industry.

Design for Performance & Interaction postgraduate degree The Bartlett School of Architecture

Design for Performance & Interaction MArch

Design for Performance & Interaction teaches students how to place design skills in the context of 3D and 4D representation.

Nga Man (Alison) Tang, Landscape Architecture MLA, 2020

Landscape Architecture MA/MLA

Landscape Architecture explores interventions in the landscape through imaginative design, strategic thinking and technical knowledge. 

Depraved Urban Spaces, a design generated by environmental data to detect risk, by Xiyi Li, Vasileia Panagiotopoulou and Ziyi Yang, Urban Design students, 2018.

Urban Design MArch

Urban Design at The Bartlett is the study of cities, their form and their nature, as well as the complexities of global urbanisation.

A paper cut out scene of landscape and city scape with shadow play on wall behind

Situated Practice MA

Situated Practice examines how architecture cross-pollinates with other creative art forms.

Space Syntax Architecture & Cities postgraduate degree The Bartlett School of Architecture

Space Syntax: Architecture & Cities MSc/MRes

Space Syntax: Architecture & Cities investigates architecture and urban design as instruments in the development of society.