The Bartlett School of Architecture



The Bartlett School of Architecture offers four PhD programmes.

The MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and the MPhil/PhD Architectural History and Theory programmes are aimed at architectural designers and historians and theorists of architecture respectively. In practce, there is considerable overlap and engagement between the two programmes, which consist of a dynamic group of around 90 innovative doctoral students.

Architectural Space and Computation comes under the auspices of the Space Syntax Laboratory. With its empirical base, it is aimed at researchers seeking to advance knowledge by studying the relations between spatial patterns and social outcomes, and between architectural design knowledge and computation.

The fourth programme is a new MPhil/PhD in Architecture and Digital Theory.

MPhil/PhD Architectural Design / Architectural History and Theory

The MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural History and Theory streams both lead to a PhD in Architecture. They allow designers to undertake research into an area of their choosing.

MPhil/PhD Architectural Space and Computation

Based within the Space Syntax Laboratory, this programme allows students to conduct research into 1) Space and Society in Buildings and Cities and 2) Space Computing and Virtual Reality in Architecture.


MPhil/PhD Architecture and Digital Theory

This programme allows students to produce original research in areas related to computational tools applied to design, regardless of scale, historical timeframe, or methodological approach.