The Bartlett School of Architecture

Mr Daniel Kohler

Mr Daniel Kohler

Teaching Fellow

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
3rd Oct 2016

Research summary

Research by Architecture is intended to, here by and with design, to investigate the effects and potential of digital practices in the scale of the city. A mereological consideration of architecture, based on quantitative methods allows ultimate access to the technical, digital representations of places and buildings. Today, digital interfaces are based on the abstraction of part relations and its concatenations. Digital interfaces, so digital logistics, are in contrast to modernist logistics, which are dependent on the subordination to a grid. Required modernism spatial continuity, as Cartesian space, digital logistics links discrete parts discontinuously by relative, local positioning. Thus, digital representations enhances the elements, the parts of a building, which as such become more and more independent of the building. Through this, digital representations change the space of the city more and more to issues of composition and heterogeneity. Digital representations, data ultimately lead to the strengthening of the parts of the city: its architecture.

Teaching summary

Similar to the bits and bytes of a digital program, I understand teaching as a cooperative platform rather than a semantic outline. Ranging from available online-courses, specific project support, theoretical sessions, fabrication workshops to the organization of open discussions, guest lecturers, interdisciplinary collaboration with industrial partners or the active involvement in ongoing research: successful teaching provides individual experience and access to knowledge. In the combination as a research-driven teaching, my courses are designed to communicate digital knowledge and the development of new aspects of planning by formal design experiments. The methods employed, range from the mediation of basic knowledge to the development of specific software. Since the year 2010 I gathered a great experience with the soft aspects of teaching, the dynamics, and sensitivity that every student needs individually. I taught at numerous institutions, in various formats, group sizes, from Undergraduate and Master up to Doctoral students. 


Universitat Innsbruck
Dr, Architecture | 2015
Universitat Dortmund
BA, Technologies not elsewhere classified | 2004
Universitat Dortmund
B.Arch, Architecture, Building and Planning | 2004


Daniel Koehler is an urbanist, a researcher, and the Co-founder of lab-eds. At the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture Daniel leads a Research Cluster and is the Coordinator of the Theory Module of the B-Pro Architecture Design Program. Furthermore, he is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Innsbruck. He has taught at several institutions, including the Sci-Arc, Städelschule, Aalto University, Vilnius Academy of Arts and the University of East London. He graduated with distinction from Studio Hadid at the Angewandte in Vienna and holds a Ph.D. in Urban Design from the University of Innsbruck. Daniel is the author of the book: The Mereological City, a study on the modes of part-to-whole relations between architecture and its city during modernism. His recent research investigates on the physical implications of digital logistics: cities designed by pure quantities, data and its architecture.