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Bartlett Alumnus Named in Dezeen’s Most Influential New Copenhagen Practices

19 January 2023

Dezeen named Jonas Swienty Andresen’s practice, Tideland, as one of the 15 up-and-coming Copenhagen architecture practices set to make an impact in 2023.

Image: Field trip to Svalbard, from the Archive of Endangered Spaces (Credit: Xavier Aaronson)

The Dezeen list gathers some of the most exciting studios in Copenhagen’s creative and ambitious architecture scene, and cites Tideland’s “penchant for employing cutting-edge technology and scientific research in its work”.

Jonas co-founded Tideland with Simon Strøyer in 2021 after completing his Master's degree at The Bartlett. The practice has a focus on spatial and experience design through the lens of storytelling and technology. They apply architectural tools in research to capture and unfold phenomena relevant to our time. Their multidisciplinary projects develop in the intersection between architecture, art, and science, pushing the boundaries of disciplines to create experiences that inspire and educate.  

Image: New Ark, Tideland

Since their inception, Tideland has undertaken a number of exhibitions, research and design concepts. Their first public space design, 'New Ark', is currently under construction in Aarhus, Denmark. Designed in collaboration with Odico Robotics and the Aarhus School of Architecture, the plaza uses wave simulations to create the world’s largest surface of unique concrete tiles - the “rolling surface that invites visitors to explore the alluring and complex patterns of wave dynamics”, and uses the creative and destructive properties of water to invite visitors to think about the rise in sea levels.

Global warming and environmental change are a common theme throughout Tideland’s work. Drawing attention to these never-more urgent issues are the focus of their mission, and even inspired the name of the practice; Jonas describes ‘Tideland’ as “a local place where sediment is constantly changing from the ebb and flow of the water – an extremely local event linked to the global movements of the moon. Understanding time and its fluidity and how it connects local with global spaces are central to how we approach our research and projects.” The studio has also launched an exhibition and enterprise named The Archive of Endangered Spaces, which tells the changing stories of spaces impacted by climate change, starting with an investigation into arctic glaciers.

Tideland are also working on a building-integrated art project for one of Denmark's biggest banks' new headquarters. The artwork will introduce 80 unique door designs that each celebrate traditional craft, unfold modern manufacturing methods, and collect local stories from every region in Denmark under one roof. The building and artwork are expected to be completed in February 2024.

Jonas graduated from The Bartlett's Architecture MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2) programme in 2021, and was tutored in Unit PG13.

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Images: 1. Field trip to Svalbard, from The Archive of Endangered Spaces, by Xavier Aaronson
2. New Ark, by Jonas Swienty Andresen