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Bartlett Tutors Create Event Space at Urvanity International Art Fair

18 March 2022

Haden Charbel and Déborah López Lobato created an installation and discussion space at the contemporary urban art fair in Madrid last month.

Image: Everywhere and Nowhere by Pareid

The Urvanity Art Fair (UVNT) is an annual event, founded in 2017, and takes place as part of Madrid Art Week. Running from 24–27 February, it showcases new contemporary international art.

Haden and Déborah were invited to design the Mahou Space X, a multipurpose space which hosted artist talks and served as a bar and lounge throughout the art fair. The space was created within an installation, 'Everywhere and Nowhere', defined by a network of pipes and distinctive red lighting. Sponsored by Spanish beer company Mahou, the space was installed within the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, Spain’s architecture association, and had to be assembled and taken down afterwards without a trace.

Everywhere and Nowhere 

Everything is connected. Pipes, tubes, wires and cables transfer physical and digital matter through vast infrastructural networks. These elements span cities, landscapes, continents and are often out in the open but when followed lead to no beginning or end, abruptly vanishing behind walls, into the ground or connecting to circuits and subsumed into a large whole. They have the characteristic of being ubiquitous while disappearing in plain view; they are everywhere and nowhere. The language of excess, fluidity, connectivity and transmission, are rendered in the space through the use of three materials: tubes, lights, metal. Lining the walls, ceiling and parts of the floor, visitors are immersed by the machine-like organs and red glow; all of which are familiar and at the same time alien.

Haden and Déborah lead unit RC1, ‘Monumental Wastelands’, for Architectural Design MArch, and run their own architecture and urbanism design studio, Pareid.

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Image: Everywhere and Nowhere, by Pareid