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Honourable Mention for Daniel Pope in Role Models Student Contest

11 August 2021

The fifth-year student was honoured in Parsons Healthy Materials Lab’s annual competition for his project The Earthen Blanket.

Daniel Pope - The Earthen Land Registry - Architecture MArch, PG16, Y5

The contest, launched six years ago, challenges students to combine design innovation with advocacy for healthier futures. Submissions are invited from all over the world, with judges looking for innovative entries with a positive environmental or health impact, intentional use of materials and demonstrable carbon impact among other criteria.

The Earthen Blanket is part of Daniel’s project, ’The Earthen Land Registry’, which proposes retrofitting housing in London to be more energy efficient using London clay. The material is currently displaced during civil engineering tunnelling and sent to landfill. The project offers an elegant solution, using this abundant waste stream with 3D printing technology to insulate existing housing stock, while maintaining vapour permeability and honouring the material’s heritage. 

Through augmenting traditional brick extrusion techniques and adopting emerging processes of additive manufacturing technology with clay, a series of proposals aim to heighten the sensuous and tactile relationship between inhabitants and the materials of our built environment. Embedded within a circular resource system, the project promotes the use of clay in construction and includes the proposal for a new fabrication facility and public monument in the heart of the city.

Daniel also won the Sir Banister Fletcher Prize and Medal for his project. He completed his Master’s Architecture MArch this year. His unit, PG16, is tutored by Matthew Butcher and Ana Monrabal-Cook.

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