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Bartlett Teaching Fellow Wins Jon Prosser Award

21 July 2020

Dr Sabina Andron has won the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) Prosser Award for her outstanding work in visual methodologies.

Wall No. 4, ‘100 Days of Leake Street’ by Sabina Andron. A photograph of one of the walls on Leake Street, covered in graffiti.

Sabina won the award for her research project, ‘100 Days of Leake Street,’ which shows the changes on 10 different walls in a legal graffiti spot over 100 consecutive days. It is meant to reveal the necessity of free painting places, by demonstrating the energy and variety of the graffiti they attract.

The project was part of the PhD that she completed at The Bartlett, titled ‘Graffiti, Street Art and the Right to the Surface: For a Semiotic, Cultural and Legal Approach to Urban Surfaces and Inscriptions’.

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Leake Street is a tunnel located underneath the former Eurostar terminal in London’s Waterloo station. It has been a legal graffiti location ever since Banksy’s Cans Festival in 2008. 

I am very pleased that this project continues to be recognised as original and significant – and thank you to the International Visual Sociology Association for the support.

– Dr Sabina Andron, Teaching Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture 

The IVSA Prosser Award is offered annually to emerging scholars from the social sciences, arts, humanities and architecture disciplines and supports the development of qualitative visual research methods. 

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Lead image: Wall No. 4, ‘100 Days of Leake Street’ by Sabina Andron.
GIF: Wall No. 10, ‘100 Days of Leake Street’ by Sabina Andron.