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The Bartlett School of Architecture and Covid-19

24 July 2020

Practical information for our school’s community in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Text on blue background: Covid-19 Practical Information, Advice and FAQs

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL is changing the way it operates. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors at this challenging moment for our community. 

The school would like to thank its students, staff and wider university and architectural community for their resilience, teamwork, creativity and patience in response to this unprecedented situation.  


UCL is committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged by the outbreak. A lot of work is happening behind the scenes, with a number of policies being implemented – learn more about the changes being made and the support available via the UCL Students web pages.

The Bartlett School of Architecture, along with departments across UCL, is not currently conducting any face-to-face teaching. Tutorials, seminars, crits and lectures are instead being delivered remotely and students are not required to meet in person, either with each other or with their tutors. 

All assessment deadlines across The Bartlett School of Architecture have been extended by 14 days. Students can self-certify if they need more time due to an extenuating circumstance (with no evidence required) via Moodle

More information has been published in 'Covid-19 FAQs' on the school Moodle site (for current students and staff only).

The Bartlett School of Architecture Covid-19 FAQs for Students (password protected)

Bartlett At Home Crits, UG2

Until further notice, The Bartlett School of Architecture has cancelled all in-person events and short courses until 01 September 2020, public and private. 

This year, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the school is launching a new and innovative online environment for all of our shows. The Bartlett Summer Show 2020 will open on Thursday 10 September and will be accompanied by a range of exciting online events.

Visit our Events calendar or follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Returning Home 

The majority of our students have now returned home, but for some staying in London may be the safest option.

Any students who cannot return home and who are seeking accommodation will be allocated UCL accommodation where available. Your safety and wellbeing remain our priority and any students in this situation should contact accommodation@ucl.ac.uk

Our Buildings and Staff

Both our buildings, 22 Gordon Street and UCL at Here East, closed on Friday 20 March, along with the majority of UCL buildings. Our workshops on both sites are also closed. The only activities now taking place onsite across UCL are research work that is in the immediate national interest.

The majority of the school’s academic and professional services staff are working remotely during this period, but are reachable during their usual working hours – visit our People pages for contact details. 


Students are encouraged to get in touch with their Personal Tutor or Departmental Tutor if they need support, while staff can reach out to their colleagues, as well as Care First.

There are excellent resources to help you stay healthy and positive available via UCL Student Support and Wellbeing. Please stay in close contact with tutors, friends, peers, and colleagues. 

More Information

Staff and students should read UCL’s advice about Covid-19, which is updated daily and which the school will be following. 

UCL's Covid-19 Advice for Students and Staff

Image caption

Tutors: Barry Wark , Maria Knutsson-Hall ( Maternity) & Levent Ozruh
Critics: Barbara Campbell-Lange, Professor Marcos Cruz, Gonzalo Herrero, Laura Mark, Justin Nichols, Hannes Mayer

Student work left: Y3 Heather Black
Student work right: Y2 Bibi Croitoriu

Date of crit: 01/05/20

Short Description: Students from UG2 are exploring biophilic theory and computational tools to design buildings in Amman. The projects are inspired by Petra and the diverse Jordanian landscapes.