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B-made and Edify Team Up to Develop Virtual Robotics Environment

8 December 2020

The Bartlett’s renowned manufacturing workshop has won Edify’s Win-A-Lab 2020 competition to have a VR teaching idea developed by the educational VR and video developer.

Student using Edify VR

Edify’s Win-A-Lab competition provides an opportunity for teachers and academics to teach their subjects and curriculum across mobile, desktop and VR platforms. Entrants were invited to submit a short proposal for a teaching idea, and Edify collaborated with shortlisted entrants to help them create a final funding pitch for a virtual lesson. 

B-made’s proposal for a robotics sandbox was selected from circa 150 proposals to be funded and developed into a fully-featured learning experience. The sandbox will be a virtual environment in which to explore the applications of industrial robotics to construction.

B-made intends that its VR experience will facilitate remote learning by complementing existing inductions, and by enabling large-scale demonstrations of advanced processes in a tutor-led mode. The tool will integrate with existing software in order to become a virtual space for experimentation and design development. 

The proposal was developed as a collaborative effort between Martyn Carter (3D Printing Manger), Pradeep Devadass (Teaching Fellow, Robotics), David Shanks (Project Manager) and Ben Spong (Teaching Fellow). 

About B-made

B-made (The Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange) operates workshops as multidisciplinary centres across the Bartlett’s two sites at 22 Gordon Street and Here East. Bartlett Faculty staff and students, and UCL Here East partners, are invited to use B-made’s educational manufacturing facilities for their projects, from concept and design stages through to completion. B-made aims to merge crafts and manufacturing with science, technology and design, shifting towards new models of learning. 

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Image: Courtesy of Edify.