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The Bartlett School of Architecture Declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency

4 October 2019

The Bartlett School of Architecture declares a climate and ecological emergency.

BSA Declares a Climate Emergency

Our planet is being driven towards catastrophic climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and profound suffering or extinction of future generations of living species. 

Seeking partnership with Faculty, UCL, professional, and industry experts, as well as other schools around the world, staff and students of The Bartlett School of Architecture are declaring a climate and ecological emergency. 

Ecologically and ethically conscious design, delivery, and management of the built environment has a constructive impact on the life of our planet and its inhabitants. Committed to making an essential and vital contribution towards building an ethical, equitable, healthy, biodiverse, fair and globally prosperous future, we will implement actions in our academic, operational and management practices, beginning with three key steps:

  1. Form a Citizen’s Assembly – a working group of staff and students to explore how architectural education and research could be further developed and harnessed to avert catastrophic climate change and irreversible biodiversity loss
  2. Establish a voluntary Register of Intent for each of the school’s teaching, research and administrative streams to record their actions and strategies in response to the declaration.
  3. Document the academic, operational and social changes we are delivering as a school, define and publish our direction for the coming years, and demonstrate these changes openly.

For a world-leading architectural teaching and research academy, this staff and student declaration will aim to pool and concentrate our talents, expertise, networks, and abilities on developing transformational knowledge and actions in our field, as well as occupying an influential and collaborative role with all related built environment disciplines.

Our students are co-leading the inter-architecture school call for change – Architectural Education Declares, which the Bartlett School of Architecture supports unequivocally:

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