The Bartlett School of Architecture


B-Pro wins ACADIA Award of Excellence

14 September 2017

The Bartlett School of Architecture’s B-Pro programmes have been awarded ACADIA’s Innovative Academic Programme Award of Excellence.

Research Cluster 16 exhibiting at the Bartlett B-Pro Show 2016

B-Pro or Bartlett Prospective, a suite of five graduate programmes at The Bartlett, offers a unique experimental approach to the future of design and theory in architecture and the urban environment. It was founded by Professor Frédéric Migayrou, Chair of the School, in 2012.

ACADIA is an international network of digital design researchers and professionals who facilitate critical investigations into the role of computation in architecture, planning, and building science, encouraging innovation in design creativity, sustainability, and education. On a theme of Disciplines & Disruption, this year's annual ACADIA conference will be held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2 – 4 November.

Speaking about the award, Professor Frédéric Migayrou said:

The work of B-Pro at The Bartlett is truly ground-breaking and we are delighted to have been recognised with this award of excellence. Across each programme, we have encouraged our students to push new boundaries to define the future of architectural and urban design. I would like to thank the programme directors and also Alisa Andrasek who founded the B-Pro Architectural Design programme with me.” 

Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture Professor Bob Sheil commented:

Thank you ACADIA. I am extremely proud for B-Pro staff and students who have pioneered a driving force for research and education that challenges expected norms. Congratulations to all, especially as we all prepare for the upcoming annual B-Pro Show, what an exciting time it is to be part of The Bartlett right now.”