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Augmented Reality Workshop in Finland is led by Bartlett team

3 July 2017

The Bartlett's Architectural Computation team is invited to run an augmented reality workshop in Finland where students develop their own apps.

Pyramids of Giza 3D simulation

The Bartlett's Ava Fatah and Petros Koutsolampros have led a successful workshop that explored the use of augmented reality (AR), particularly in mobile apps. The workshop, entitled ‘Augmented Urban Experience and Mediated Spatial Narratives’, was held as part of the Ubiquitous Computing International Summer School at the University of Oulu, Finland.

The workshop ran for a week in June and saw the participation of students from five countries: Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium and the UK. Over the course of the week, various ideas were pursued, including the development of mixed reality games and augmented educational experiences.

Participating students received a hands-on introduction to how to build urban AR experiences for Android and iOS devices and learnt about the design principles, interaction techniques and future research areas of this state-of-the-art technology.

The students worked together in small teams to each develop their own mediated spatial experience and are continuing to develop these projects after the workshop. The projects included a 3D simulation of the pyramids at Giza, a virtual gallery of artist Hans Holbein the Younger's work 'The Ambassadors', a virtual graffiti-tagging space and an app for viewing and scanning the profiles of others at networking events.

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Ava Fatah is from the MSc Architectural Computation programme and Petros Koutsolampros is a student on the PhD Architectural Space and Computation programme. 

This workshop was based around the latest AR research and builds upon the Bartlett’s pioneering work on the use of augmented reality for architecture and urban planning.