The Bartlett School of Architecture


Bill Watts appointed Visiting Professor in Biological & Environmental Studies

17 July 2015

The Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL is pleased to announce the appointment of leading industry professional Bill Watts as Visiting Professor in Biological and Environmental Studies.


Bill is a Senior Partner at Max Fordham consulting engineers where, for over three decades, he has designed services installations for many building types, from schools to art galleries to swimming pools, including a number of national award winners. He is interested in developing appropriate solutions and innovations to make things better. To do this he exercises judgment based on extensive experience of the detail of how buildings are actually built and used and also on how and where their energy is generated.

Much of Bill’s time in practice is now spent on assembling, developing and delivering the technologies in the Sahara Forest Project, which aims to use the sun and seawater to make food, energy, water and employment in the desert.

Bill has extensive experience of teaching in schools of architecture and has been responsible for a broad and influential range of research and writing. This ranges from ongoing work since 2005 in studying ways to renewably power the UK, including publicly challenging received wisdom and government policy for heating a building, to current blue-sky thinking on bringing biological systems into the built environment.

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