The Bartlett School of Architecture


Bartlett Young Architects Workshop

7 July 2014


This year the Bartlett School of Architecture hosted again Leopold Primary School, a local school from Harlesden, north-west London, for a one-day creative workshop.

Starting with a visit to the 2014 Bartlett Summer Show, the group of 10 and 11 year-old pupils explored and challenged their understanding of architecture and the built environment though a collective drawing exercise. Starting with their own private space at their home, expressed through the medium of a plan and a section, the children demonstrated their spatial awareness and their ability to translate their knowledge into a drawn form.

After this they were encouraged to combine their experiences and ideas in a collective drawing, expanding the individual horizon and challenging their perception of private and public spaces.

The exercise aimed to promote their own creativity, their sensibility towards the environment and to unlock a very personal approach in expressing their ideas through drawing and sketching.

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