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Jellymongers reach new heights with flavoured fireworks and RA exhibition

29 January 2014

Food art/architecture studio Bompas & Parr created the world’s first flavoured firework display for London’s New Year’s Eve 2013.

Bompas and Parr

Bartlett School of Architecture alum Harry Parr and his creative partner Sam Bompas are known for their jelly models of London landmarks, which Parr first made while studying for a Diploma in Architecture at the Bartlett in 2008.

Visitors watching London’s fireworks between Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge on New Year's eve experienced a 'total sensory assault' with the different coloured fireworks matched to fruity flavours. Revellers experienced the smell and taste of clouds of apple, cherry and strawberry mist, peach snow, ‘floating oranges’ – thousands of enormous bubbles filled with Seville orange flavoured smoke - and edible banana confetti. The event was part of a Vodafone campaign focused on firsts. In an article for the Huffington Post, Bompas & Parr said that the universal appeal of fruit and its social and cultural implications 'felt right' for the multicultural event.

The duo are also speaking this month at The Royal Academy of Arts Sensing Spaces exhibition in an evening event Staging Sensory Experiences, about the production, consumption and trend for sensory experiences in the marketplace.

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Image: Stefan Braun