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B-Pro student project on wearable technology featured in Dezeen & Wired

11 December 2013

Ling Tan, a graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, has created a series of body sensors that emit unpleasant shocks when the wearer stops actively interacting with their environment.

Ling Tan

Reality Mediators, featured recently in Dezeen and Wired, was developed by Tan as part of research project on the Bartlett's B-Pro MArch GAD programme. The project sets out to question the purpose of wearables in enhancing or interrogating our relationship with the world.

The project hooks up body sensors that detect muscle movements, brainwave activity and GPS location with four different devices that cause discomfort to the body. If the wearer stops moving or has a lull in mental activity for too long they will experience either an electric shock, an unpleasant sound, intense heat or irritating vibration.

According to Tan, after a prolonged period of wearing the device, the user's body will start to adapt to it. This, she says, in an interview with Dezeen, "questions the issue of who is in control; the user or the device?"

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