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Writtle Calling/2 EmmaToc Radio Broadcasts to be Aired on Resonance FM

7 August 2013

Writtle Calling - Post Works

The complete broadcast schedule from Writtle Calling/2EmmaToc, the most recent project completed by Bartlett Lecturer Matthew Butcher in collaboration with Melissa Appleton, will be aired on Resonance FM over eight consecutive nights this August.

The broadcasts will be played out at 9pm every evening from the 5th August until the 12th August. Each show will last approximately two and half hours.

Writtle Calling/2Emmatoc was a temporary radio station and structure sited in the Essex landscape during September 2012 which hosted a series of broadcasts by artists, writers, musicians and scientists, culminating in a live public event on the 15th of September.

Contributing broadcasts were:

Action Pyramid, All Saints Bellringers, Kevin Atherton, Ruth Beale and Sarah Jury, The Broken Hearts, Pablo Bronstein, Ronald 
Blythe, Edwin Burdis, Clout!, David R Conroy, Benedict Drew, Guy Gormley, Jonathan Griffin, Jenny Haxtell, Gwyneth Jones,
 Kwesachu, Cathy Lane, Mark Leckey, 
David H Levy, Rebecca Lennon, Kieron Livingstone, Longmeg, Roger Luckhurst, Andrew McGettigan, Resonance Radio Orchestra, Katrina Palmer, Fabian
 Peake, Heather Phillipson, Hannah Sawtell, Richard Scott,
 David Toop, Top Nice, Jonny Trunk, Tim Wander, Marina 
Warner, Jonathan P Watts, Tom Woolner, The Writtle Singers and
 Jan Zalasiewicz.

Listen to the broadcasts on resonancefm.com

Find out more about the project at writtlecalling.co.uk