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Casey Reas lecture now online

27 September 2012

Casey Reas Lecture Online

Casey Reas opened The Bartlett International Lecture Series on Wednesday 26 September with a talk titled, 'The Eye of the Needle.'  Watch the lecture in full below or via our dedicated Vimeo channel.

Bartlett International Lecture Series - Casey Reas from Bartlett School of Architecture on Vimeo.


Within the visual arts, software is a misunderstood medium. It's equally attacked by some and championed by others, but it remains an enigma to most. Certainly, software is the dominant tool for design and production, but it can be more – it can lead to new ways of thinking and making. Casey Reas has written custom software for over a decade to explore visual systems and emergent form. In this presentation, a hybrid of a screening and a lecture, he'll share his most recent work as well as examples from the past.


Casey Reas is an artist and Professor of Design Media Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. His software, prints, and installations have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Asia. With Ben Fry, he initiated the open-source programming platform Processing. He is an author of Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists; Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture; and Process Compendium 2004–2010.