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Dr Tat Lam

5 March 2012

Dr Tat Lam image

We are delighted to announce that Tat Lam, a PhD candidate in the PhD Architectural History & Theory programme, passed his PhD examination with examiners Professor Iain Borden and Professor Ray Forrest. Tat Lam's thesis entitled Linked Hybrid in Beijing: Placing an American Building and its Architectural Concept in its Chinese Context was supervised by Dr Jan Birksted and Professor Adrian Forty. The thesis was described by the examiners as 'an extremely innovative thesis which employs a subtle and effective methodology to explore the way in which a particular, and very high profile, building was assimilated into Chinese urban culture… with great imagination and with excellent use of various stories and reminiscences from the ethnographic research'. The thesis was also said to provide both a ‘good sense of the complexity of architectural and urban production, including those surrounding authorship, design and counter-authority views’ and ‘the sense of the candidate’s own presence in his attempts to access and interpret the project’.

Congratulations Dr Lam!

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