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Smout Allen: Lunar Wood

24 April 2012

Smout Allen: Lunar Wood

The Bartlett's Mark Smout and Laura Allen exhibit 'Lunar Wood' as part of the exhibition 'Japanese Style: Sustaining Design. The installation, which speculates on intriguing mythical beliefs and traditional attitudes that pervade our understanding of natural materials, was produced for a Nurturing the Spirit, a residency that brought together the Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory, Waseda University, Tokyo; Smout Allen and the Design Unit of the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff.

It takes the form of a counter-balanced wooden landscape where equilibrium is disturbed and reset by bursts of air from below and the swinging movement of weights from above triggering the landscape to move in a rhythmic wave. The surface can be seen and heard to resonate with the fluctuating and reciprocal push and pull of natural cycles.

Japanese Style: Sustaining Design
Ruthin Craft Centre, Centre for the Applied Arts, Wales
1 April - 24 June 2012

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