The Bartlett School of Architecture

Miss Mollie Claypool

Miss Mollie Claypool

Lecturer in Architecture

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st May 2014

Research summary

Mollie Claypool is a Lecturer in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She has a particular interest in computational and digital design, fabrication, assembly and history and theory. Her research focuses primarily on 20th and 21st century development of technology, mechanisation, systems of measurement as well as the methodological implications of computation in architectural design, fabrication and assembly. Her work is linked to advances in production and fabrication processes post-World War II until today. Her work has been presented and exhibited internationally including in the US, UK and Japan.

Mollie has contributed to as well as edited several books about architectural design, history and theory, most recently: Adaptive Ecologies: Correlated Systems of Living with Theodore Spyropoulos (2013, AA Publications), Urban Flux 4: Proto-design (2012), In Search of the Forgotten Architect by Lily Dubowitz (2012, AA Publications), Sharp Words: Selected Writings of Dennis Sharp (2012, AA Publications), "THE LATER ACT: semiotics < computational craft" (2011, ARCC). In her editorial work, she has worked with leading art and architecture publishers such as Phaidon Press (Pattern: 010 Curators, 100 Designers and Composing Space: The Photographs of Helene Binet) and AA Publications. She is currently writing a book on the life of Antoni Gaudi to be published in Spring 2017 by Lawrence King Publishing.

Teaching summary

Mollie has taught in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in architecture since 2009. At the Bartlett, in 2014 she was appointed the BSc Architecture Programme Director, directing the distinguished degree programme alongside Matthew Butcher, as well as the BSc Architecture Admissions Tutor at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

She is also Design Tutor for MArch Architecture Unit 19 with Manuel Jimenez and Gilles Retsin (see: http://unit-19.net) and History & Theory Tutor in the MArch Architectural Design in Theory since 2014. She was Tutor in the MArch Urban Design in History and Theory from 2012-2014. 

She has held positions at the AA as a Tutor in the Design Research Laboratory (DRL) from 2009-2015 and has been a Lecturer in History and Theory Studies in both the Intermediate (2009 - ) and Diploma Schools (2012-2013). Past teaching includes positions at the University of Reading in History of Art and the University of Brighton in the History and Theory of Spatial Design. She has been involved with several research clusters at the AA, including City Cultures and Beyond Entropy: When Energy Becomes Form


Mollie is a designer, historian and academic. She studied Architecture at Pratt Institute in New York City, receiving Degree Project Honours and obtained her Masters with Distinction in Histories and Theories of Architecture from the Architectural Association in London. She has practiced in New York and in London in various architectural and engineering practices. She was the Web Master for the European Architectural History Network (EAHN) from 2010-2015, is on the Editorial Team for Architectural Histories: the open access journal of the EAHN and the Editorial Board for Enquiry: The Architectural Research Centres Consortium (ARCC) Journal for Architectural Research.