The Bartlett School of Architecture


B-Pro Show

The annual B-Pro Show celebrates the work of our B-Pro postgraduate programmes: Architectural Computation MSc/MRes, Architectural Design MArch, Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc and Urban Design MArch.

B-Pro includes four advanced postgraduate programmes at The Bartlett School of Architecture:

B-Pro Show 2021

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The B-Pro Show 2021 took place from 29 October to 13 November 2021 online, with over 350 students across four programmes exhibiting their work.

Revisit The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2021

B-Pro Show 2020

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B-Pro Show 2019

A wooden model with geometric shapes on a wooden plinth from B-Pro 2018

The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2019 took place from 25 September to 4 October 2019 at 22 Gordon Street.

This year, Landscape Architecture (MA/MLA) and Architecture & Historic Urban Environments MA students also invite the public to explore their work. 

B-Pro Show 2018

B-Pro Show 2017, image: Richard Stonehouse

The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2018 took place from 25 September to 5 October at 22 Gordon Street.

B-Pro Show 2017

MArch AD: Wonderlab, RC1, White Rabbit 'Alien Resolution'

The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2017 took place from 26 September to 7 October in The Bartlett’s new home at 22 Gordon Street.

B-Pro Show 2016

Work on display at the 2016 B-Pro Show 2016, RC4

B-Pro Show 2015

'Re-Earth' Interactive Architecture Lab, MArch AD, A project by William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio

B-Pro Show 2014

MArch Architectural Design (GAD) RC3 Interactive Architecture Lab: Flights of Fancy

B-Pro Show 2013

Work on display at the 2013 B-Pro Show