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AIS Open Stage for The Bartlett Summer Show 2024

01 July 2024–04 July 2024, 11:00 am–8:00 pm

Dwelling in Scarcity: Artisan Revival in the Wake of the Apocalypse (2024), spread from zine produced by Year 2 Architectural Research students on the BSc Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies programme

A series of workshops and events organised by Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies students.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture
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The series of events will be hosted in various locations at 22 Gordon Street, please reference the location in the event listing.


Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies is a unique undergraduate degree programme that enables students to tailor their three years of study by selecting all of their modules; electives are chosen mainly from the Faculty of the Built Environment but also complimented by other modules from across the whole of the UCL. The greatest strength of the programme is its interdisciplinary nature, allowing the students determine where, what and how they study, and supports them to develop the skills to build their own acadmic and social agency. The talks, installations and workshops that form the AIS Open Stage 2024 are student led and have been developed from the student’s academic studies, as such the event serves as a clear demonstration of the originality, collaborative nature, academic rigour and independent spirit of each of the students.  


Wednesday 26 June | 11:00 - 11:30 | Invisible Creases 

Invisible Creases, a performance by Paula Shen

Join Paula Shen, a third year Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc student, for a performance held in the programme’s exhibition space, exploring the often-overlooked domestic labour of ironing shirts. The term ‘invisible creases’ points to the unseen and unrecognised, gendered work that contributes to maintaining a household. It suggests that underlying issues and inequalities in domestic settings need to be addressed and smoothed out, much like ironing out physical creases in fabric. 

Location: Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies Exhibition Space, 6th Floor, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB

Wednesday 26 June | 11:30 - 13:00 | Agaseke Kanyu

Agaseke Kanyu, a guided workshop by Tess Mihigo Uwera 

Join Tess Mihigo Uwera, a second year Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc student, for a guided workshop on how to knit a community. This workshop will explore traditional Rwandan female craft processes of coiling and weaving.  

The event is open to female participants to reflect how the project explore how women build community through collective practices such as knitting. 

Location: Room 5.04, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB

Saturday 29 June | 13:30 - 15:30 | Printmaking Workshop

Printmaking Workshop

Join second year Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc students for a printmaking workshop in which participating guests will have the chance to make a paper envelope and practice woodblock and screen printing. Each participant will receive a student-made zine entitled Dwelling in Scarcity: Artisan Revival in the Wake of the Apocalypse.  

 Each of the three stages will be led by instructors with written guidance. Participants can take part in as many of the stages as they wish. The workshop will run for approximately two hours participants are invited to drop in at any time during the session. 

Please note: spaces are limited to 12 participants at any one time.  

Location: 6.02, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB 

Tuesday 02 July | 16:00 - 17:00 | Founders Keepers Guided Tour

A guided tour of The Bartlett Summer Show with Founders Keepers, the school's waste materials interception research team

Founders Keepers research project was created by students, Marius Sidaravicius and Harang Seo, Y3 Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc and Hannah Simon, Y3 Architecture BSc, supervised by BSA Environmental Design Lecturer Blanche Cameron, and supported by staff across the school, especially the Facilities team, B-Made workshop staff and school leadership.
This tour will share the process prototyped through 2023-24 to salvage 'waste' materials across the school, including an introduction into how materials are intercepted from incineration, how the free materials shop was set up and functions, and the impacts on behaviour and culture change across the school. Guests will be shown around the Summer Show, highlighting the reuse of materials in the exhibition. 

The Founders Keepers research report 2023 for funders Bartlett Climate Action on Net Zero 2030 is available here. A second report for UCL Changemakers will be published in July 2024, when the team present Founders Keepers research and findings at the Cultures & Cities Conference in Barcelona.

Location: Meet on the 6th floor landing, 22 Gordon Street

Tuesday 02 July | 18:00 - 20:00 | Sustainable Materials

What do we mean by 'sustainable materials' in the ecological and climate crisis?

Organised by the BSA Society
In the ecological and climate crisis, materials use, reuse and 'waste' are under the spotlight. Environmental impact, ecological footprint, embodied energy, water and land, local or long-distance supply chains and what happens when materials are no longer needed are all up for scrutiny. Decision-making is critical. Is the sustainable choice always more expensive? Does sustainable performance outweigh sustainable sourcing? Do we have a choice? How do we decide?


Barbara Jones – Straw Works Ltd, pioneer of the UK strawbale building movement, Director of School of Natural Building, and recently named one of 50 greatest women builders of all time. 
Duncan Baker-Brown – BakerBrownStudio, ACAN, UKGBC, sustainable design expert and advocate, and candidate for RIBA President 2025-27
Sarah Partridge – Natural Building expert and trainer, founder of Orchard Barn Environmental Education Centre
Jan Kattein – Jan Kattein Architects, recently awarded for commitment to sustainable community-based design and materials reuse for Paper Garden and other projects.
Dr Eshrar Latif – Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, author, educator certified Passivhaus designer, new breathable materials pioneer.  

Chaired by the BSA Society.


Location: Room 6.02, 22 Gordon Street

Thursday 04 July | 16:00 - 17:00 | Greening Cities Workshop 

Greening Cities Workshop

Citizens everywhere face big challenges from heatwaves, intense rainfall and flooding, air and water pollution. The global response is nature-based solutions. Bring your natural curiosity to learn why and how cities everywhere are greening up for climate resilience, health and wellbeing, while also bringing economic, social and environmental benefits. Starting with a visit the Greening Cities show space before a tour of green infrastructure interventions on campus including the Medawar Rain Planters installed by students in 2022. No prior experience needed, all welcome.

Please note originally advertised at Monday 1 July. 

Location: Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies Exhibition Space, 6th Floor, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB

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Image: Dwelling in Scarcity: Artisan Revival in the Wake of the Apocalypse (2024), spread from zine produced by Year 2 Architectural Research students on the Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc