The Bartlett School of Architecture


Summer Show 2022: Readings from The Bartlett

04 July 2022–13 July 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Image: Iga Swiercz, Architecture MArch, PG11, 2021

Architectural History and Theory readings from current students from across the school’s programmes.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture

Listen to current Bartlett students read excerpts from their research essays and dissertations, covering a range of topics within Architectural History and Theory. Broadcast on five afternoons throughout the show, each session is curated to share narratives and readings with complementary themes from three or four students. 

The readings will be streamed on Instagram Live on the school's channel, @bartlettarchucl. No registration is required. Please see below for a full schedule of student readings throughout the Summer Show. 

You can catch up on previous readings on our IGTV channel. 


Monday 04 July, 16:00


  • Jiying Luo (Architecture & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc, Year 3) reading from Memory Homes through Time: Spatial Memories from Siheyuan to Apartment in Beijing, from 1967 to 2022 
  • Conor Clarke (Architecture MArch, Year 5) reading from The Naked Civilian: Quentin Crisp's Drifts in the Blackouts of 1940s Soho 
  • Lola Wilson (Architecture BSc, Year 1) reading from Women in Architecture: Architecture in Women--The Jagonari Women's Centre by the Matrix Cooperative 
  • Zahra Parhizi (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from Neckties vs Turbans: Iran's Underground Selling the next Revolution  

Wednesday 06 July, 16:00


  • Temi Animashaun (Architecture MSci, Year 1) reading from Birmingham, A City Built on Race 
  • Jasper Tecklenberg (Engineering & Architectural Design MEng, Year 1) reading from Peckham Library: Designing for Social Resilience 
  • Charmaine Tang (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from Butchered Spaces: agency, privacy and belonging in Hong Kong’s high density subdivided homes 
  • Zaynah Younus (Arhictecture BSc, Year 2) reading from To what extent has Bengali culture shaped Brick Lane and Spitalfields and how it can be preserved from effects of gentrificaiton  

Friday 08 July, 16:00

Environments/ Colonisations/ Reclaimings  

  • Paris Gazzola (Architecture MArch, Year 5) reading from Mine Land; My Land  (conflicting land use Australia; mining corporations Aboriginal ritual practices)
  • Pauline Comte (Architecture MSci, Year 1) reading from The Environmental Impact of Stucco and Chinampas of the Preclassic Lowland Maya - Mesoamerica, c. 1500 BCE–500 CE –  
  • Joe Johnson (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from Recycling an Icon: An Analysis of Approaches to Recycling Present in Michihiro Matsuda’s Guitar No. 125A
  • Isobel Binnie (Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc, Year 3) reading from Ikea in India: The Colonial Power of International Retail 

Monday 11 July, 16:00

Symbols/ Space/ Politics 

  • Rafiq Sawyerr (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from Examining the State from the Classroom
  • Yahvi Shah (Engineering & Architectural Design MEng, Year 1) reading from Millennium Footbridge: Foster and Partners, Arup, and Sir Anthony Caro, 1998-2008 
  • Anna Williams (Architecture MSci, Year 2) reading from Cornwall's Concrete Beach: a site of overlaps 

Wednesday 13 July, 16:00

Transience/ Intersections/ (Re)iterations  

  • Carmen Kong (Architecture MArch, Year 5) reading from Embracing Time: The imposition of geological time in the age of the Anthropocene 
  • Xan Xacobo Goetzee-Barral (Architecture MSci, Year 2) reading from The (materially) ephemeral trans* body and the queer nightclub
  • Olivia Shiu (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from Age of the MetaVerse: An Investigation of Social Inclusivity in Virtual, Physical and Hybrid Spaces through Pokemon Go 
    This event has been made possible with thanks to the efforts of:
  • All the student presenters 
  • Dr Tania Sengupta, Director of History and Theory 
  • Module and Subject Coordinators: Mario Carpo, Megha Chand Inglis, Stylianos Giamarelos, Brent Carnell, Michael Stacey, Nina Vollenbroker, Robin Wilson, Guang Yu Ren

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Image: Iga Swiercz, Architecture MArch, PG11, 2021