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Bartlett Research Conversations: William Victor Camilleri

20 October 2020, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Garden objects: cardoon, garden tulip, globe artichoke

MPhil/PhD student, William Victor Camilleri, discusses his research.

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The Struggle for Existence.

William Victor Camilleri

Supervisors: Professor Nat Chard and Dr Christopher Leung 


The struggles for existence – popularised in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859) – are dependencies in nature with variations that profit certain beneficiaries and lead to the demise of others. Balanced with botanical illustrations, in particular Basilius Besler’s Hortus Eystettensis (1613) – a celebrated codex illustrating a sixteenth century garden in Eichstätt, Germany – this research attempts to tease out the concealed elements that are often removed from an output but remain present as ‘event-based’ relationships.

These relationships are formalised within the construct of a garden through a series of made objects that accentuate their inner workings and interactions, enabling the work to identify a halfway-mark between man and nature. In employing socio-botanical constructs that displace the garden as a wild-domesticated spectrum, the research probes the ontology of nature in the hope for the metaphor to germinate and bloom.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture’s Research Conversations seminars comprise work-in-progress and upgrade presentations by students undertaking the MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural and Urban History and Theory. All current UCL staff and students are welcome to attend.

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Image: Garden objects: cardoon, garden tulip, globe artichoke - Sarah Lever