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Performance Interactions: Jose Luis de Vicente

08 June 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

AAR: Augmented Acoustic Realities, by Qianhua Fu, Design for Performance & Interaction student 2019.

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Ruairi Glynn


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About this series

Performance Interactions is a weekly lecture series that focuses on robotics, machine learning and curation. Lectures take place every Monday.

This series is organised by Ruairi Glynn, Programme Director of Design for Performance & Interaction MArch.

Speaker biography

Jose Luis de Vicente is a curator, writer and cultural researcher working in the space between art, design, science and innovation. Since 2000 he has conceived, developed and curated exhibitions, festivals, symposiums, workshops, residencies and other formats for research, communication and debate in museums, art and design centres, citizen labs, music festivals, industry conferences and exhibitions, universities, design schools and other environments. 

Jose’s work investigates current and future impacts of technologies, to create artefacts, objects and narratives that explore emerging social and political scenarios. His projects are strongly anti-disciplinary and create contexts for the collaboration and dialogue between artists, designers, architects, technologists, scientists, activists, policy makers and community groups.

Check out Jose on Instagram. 

Image: AAR: Augmented Acoustic Realities, by Qianhua Fu, Design for Performance & Interaction student 2019.