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Bio-Integrated Design Final Crits

02 July 2020–03 July 2020, 1:30 pm–6:30 pm

Student work from The Bartlett's Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc, on display at 'New Forms of Practice' exhibition - Arup. July 2019.

Join the Year 2 Final Crit for Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc, where students will share their finished design proposals and scientific findings.

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Shneel Malik

This event will be livestreamed on the school's YouTube channel.


Taught jointly by The Bartlett School of Architecture and UCL’s Biochemical Engineering Department, Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc brings together a spectrum of multi-disciplinary academics, practitioners and students, combining design experimentation with scientific methods, seeking new modes of simulation and production, and exploring how advances in the fields of synthetic biology, material science and digital fabrication are changing future design practices.

Over the course of two days, an interdisciplinary team of students from Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc will showcase projects from a range of design and research areas, including:

  • Robotically extruded organic waste
  • Integrated bioelectrochemical systems
  • Bioporous structures
  • Plant-tissue cultures embedded within biocompatible scaffolds

Our students’ work integrates biotechnology, advanced computation and fabrication to create a radically new and sustainable built environment. 

Please join us live on the school's YouTube channel to watch the student presentations, and to celebrate their work, as they share their learnings from the past 21 months.


David Benjamin | The Living, Columbia GSAPP, New York
Frederic Migayrou | Centre Pompidou, The Bartlett B-Pro, Paris
Mitch Joachim |Terreform, New York University, New York
George Katodritis| AUS, Sharjah
Carlos Hernandez Correa | PEI, University Javeriana, Bogota  
Heather Ring | Wayward Plants, London/Los Angeles
Jane Withers | Jane Withers Studio, ADO, London
Claudia Pasquero | The Bartlett, Ecologic Studio, London
Natsai Audrey Chieza | Faber Futures, London
Suzanne Lee | Biofabricate, New York
Ching Hwa Chang | Bio-Architecture Formosana, Taipei 
Cobus Bothma | KPF, London
Gary Lye | UCL Dept. Biochemical Engineering, London
Andrew Porter | The Bartlett B-Pro, Ashton Porter, London
Amy Congdon | Biofabricate, New York

Plus Programme Staff from Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc

Image: Student work from The Bartlett's Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc, on display at the New Forms of Practice Exhibition, Arup. July 2019.