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Bartlett Research Conversations: Anna Wild

08 December 2020, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Fold, Anna Wild

MPhil/PhD student Anna Wild discusses her research.

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This event will take place on Zoom.

The Building and I: Translating an Awkward Conversation

Anna Wild

Supervisors: Professor Nat Chard and Dr Jane Gilbert


This research delves into the reciprocal relationship between our buildings and us. Architecture does things, not just for us, but also to us: both consciously and unconsciously, we relate to the ideas embodied in our spaces, with the totality of these interactions emerging as a form of “conversation”. It is a conversation, however, that cannot flow without interruptions and misunderstandings – the obstacles in our understanding and relational capacities are too great. To engage with these difficulties, I borrow ideas and concepts of linguistic translation to develop an active understanding of building and inhabitant “in conversation”, both being equally active and communicative participants. I interweave findings from translation studies and literature with my own surroundings, going through a series of linguistic and intermedial translations. Narratives in images, texts and films open up a vast playing field for architecture and things to reveal themselves as active players in a lively relationship. 

About The Bartlett Research Conversations

The Bartlett School of Architecture’s Research Conversations seminars comprise work-in-progress and upgrade presentations by students undertaking the MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural and Urban History and Theory. All current UCL staff and students are welcome to attend.

Held regularly throughout the academic year, the seminars are attended by the programme directors, Professor Jonathan Hill and Professor Sophia Psarra, PhD Coordinators, Dr. Nina Vollenbröker and Dr Sophie Read, and other PhD supervisors.

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Image: Fold, Anna Wild