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In Permanent Readiness for the Marvellous – PhD Research Projects 2019 Exhibition and Conference

19 February 2019–05 March 2019, 10:00 am–8:00 pm


The Bartlett School of Architecture PhD Research Projects 2019 Exhibition and Conference are presented for the thirteenth year by PhD/MPhil students.

This event is free.

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Sophie Read, Nina Vollenbroker


The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
22 Gordon Street


Open for two weeks this spring, we welcome the public to explore work by students undertaking a PhD at The Bartlett, researching Architectural Design and Architectural & Urban History & Theory during our annual exhibition and conference. 

The exhibition, conference and accompanying events aim to encourage discussions between presenters, exhibitors, staff, students, critics and the audience, and this year take their title from essay "The Domain of the Marvelous" by Suzanne Césaire. 

This year’s PhD Research Projects exhibition and conference dwells in the slip, crack, and interstice—between glitch and memory, in shadow and in light. It celebrates worlds-out-of-joint with our own, the weird and the Marvellous. Researchers present their projects as works in progress which are questioning and challenging of the systems they operate within.
Expect to see drawings, photography, objects and sound within this exhibition of research and ideas that are continuing to be developed.

Exhibiting students


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PhD Research Projects 2019: Conference

09:30 – 19:00, Tuesday 19 February
Room 6.02

Organised by Dr Nina Vollenbroker
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This conference involves presentations by students undertaking the Architectural Design and Architectural & Urban History & Theory MPhil/PhD. This year, we have also invited contributions by doctoral students from The Bartlett’s Development Planning Unit and Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.

Presenting PhD students

  • Yota Adilenidou 
  • Ava Aghakouchak 
  • Paul Bavister 
  • Marisol García González 
  • Tom Keeley 
  • Paul King 
  • Emma-Kate Matthews 
  • Chi Nguyen 
  • Nicolas Palominos 
  • Thomas Pearce 
  • Alessandro Toti
  • Adam Walls

Invited critics 

  • Professor Lindsay Bremner, University of Westminster 
  • Professor Mark Dorrian, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture 
  • Professor Stephen Graham, Newcastle University 
  • Professor Mari Lending, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design 
  • Dr Christopher Leung, The Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Dr Tania Sengupta, The Bartlett School of Architecture
PhD Research Projects 2019: Research/Interrupted

14:30 – 16:00, Tuesday 26 February 
In the exhibition

Hosted by Claire Tunnacliffe, organised by Thandi Loewenson, Thomas Callan-Riley and Dr. Sophie Read.

This session will ask the question ‘Activist Researcher or Research Activist?’, with the aim to nurture both. Current students, staff, and other researchers are invited to share their experiences of being both academics and activists, and the relationship between the two. It will give space for discussions and reflect on support systems and strategies.

Following a conversational format, and using workshop techniques to share and develop tools and tactics, the session will primarily be a space to connect with others and create a momentary community in which participants can return to in the future.

PhD Research Projects 2019: Confessionals

19:00 – 21:30, Friday 01 March
In the exhibition

Organised by Thandi Loewenson, Thomas Callan-Riley and Dr. Sophie Read

"With faith in the assumption / That nobody knows everything but everybody knows something” (Prez, D. 2012)

This year’s exhibition closes with ‘Confessionals’, an event where the dynamic environment of the PhD process itself is scrutinised. Set informally within the exhibition, and with drinks available, ‘confessionals’ will punctuate the evening.

Through other-worldly and highly-personal reflections, these closing testimonies, stories, and speculations celebrate the support systems which nourish, and critique the structural dynamics which impoverish, research as much as researcher; we offer a platform for fuzzy edges and ideas-still-in-formation.  

Presenters include

  • Miranda Critchley
  • Thom Callan-Riley
  • Thandi Loewenson
  • Kuukuwa Manful
  • Hamish Muir 
  • David Roberts
  • Isabel Gutierez Sanchez & Jorge Martín
  • Nathaniel Telemaque


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Image credit: Thomas Pearce, ‘Jakob K. Der Neue Mensch’. Set design, video work and artistic collaboration with Mara Kanthak and performers Heike Bröckerhoff, Moritz Frischkorn, Jonas Woltemate. Performed at Kampnagel, Hamburg, May 2017. Photographer: Anja Beutler.