The Bartlett School of Architecture


Ken Yeang - Bartlett International Lecture Series

24 January 2018, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm

Ken Yeang

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The Bartlett School of Architecture


The Christopher Ingold Auditorium (accessed through The Bartlett School of Architecture), 20 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AJ

Lecturer's Abstract

“This lecture will present a nature-centric approach for the designing and planning of the built environment, based on the science of ecology. Ken's work illustrates how the ‘ecosystem’ concept (as ecology’s model of nature) can provide the principle for the designing and making of the human-made world by emulating ecosystem attributes for a resilient, durable and sustainable future for all life on the planet.

The lecture will further present a theoretical model for ecological design, including bio-integration and near-zero energy (carbon neutral) buildings. The presentation will be illustrated by the speaker’s design and built work.”

Book Sale 

After the lecture, two of Ken Yeang's most recent books will be available for purchase:

Constructed Ecosystems: Ideas and Subsystems in the Work of Ken Yeang, Yeang, K, JahnKassim, S., Rosly, Humaedah, Powell, R., AR+D Publishing USA, (2016).
Synopsis: Presented here are some of the devices used by Ken Yeang in his endeavours to take his theoretical work on eco-architecture into the real world of building.
It's not Easy Being Green, Yeang, K., ORO Editions USA, (2017).
(AR+D Publishing, USA
Synopsis: It's not Easy Being Green presents the key principles of ecological design and planning in the built and research work of the architect Ken Yeang in an easy to read graphic novel that takes the reader through Ken’s formative years to him becoming a practiced architect, while showing the evolution of his thoughts and ideas. 

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