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CJ Lim - Bartlett International Lecture Series

27 September 2017, 6:30 pm–7:30 pm

Front cover of CJ Lim's book Inhabitable Infrastructures

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Bartlett School of Architecture


Christopher Ingold Auditorium, 20 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AJ

Inhabitable Infrastructures:
Science fiction or urban fiction?

Lecturer's Abstract 

In this lecture based on his latest book, Professor CJ Lim will explore the potential of climate change-related multi-use infrastructures that address the fundamental human needs to protect, provide and participate. These infrastructures are derived from scenarios and processes gleaned from science fiction and futurology as well as current scientific knowledge.

Professor Lim has identified seven cities – London, Nuuk, Copenhagen, Gaochun, Malé, Maribor, and Melbourne – as case study locations to establish hypotheses and strategies for new forms and to represent regions facing climate change to different degrees of severity.

Science fiction is often treated with wariness in architecture and planning, leading to accusations of utopianism. However, Professor Lim will argue that science fiction’s value lies in its interdisciplinary nature, its combination of the past and present, and its evaluation of both lay opinions and professional strategies in an attempt to develop foresight of possible futures.

About Professor CJ Lim 

CJ Lim is the Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at The Bartlett, UCL and the founder of Studio 8 Architects. His teaching and designs focus on multi-disciplinary innovative interpretations of social, political, and environmental sustainability programmes.

He is the recipient of the Royal Academy of Arts London ‘Grand Architecture Prize’ and has authored 12 books including ‘Virtually Venice’ (2006), ‘Smartcities + Eco-warriors’ (2010), ‘Short Stories: London in two-and-a-half dimensions’ (2011) and ‘Food City’ (2014). 

Images: CJ Lim / Studio 8 Architects

Book launch of Inhabitable Infrastructures 

Professor CJ Lim will be hosting a book launch for his latest publication 'Inhabitable Structures: Science fiction or urban fiction?' after his open lecture. Whilst booking is not necessary for the public lecture, the book launch requires a free ticket:

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