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Innovation and Enterprise

Exploring new ways of collaborative working


Working collaboratively with a broad variety of external partners is at the heart of our innovation and enterprise activities at The Bartlett School of Architecture. Our aim is to co-produce and collaborate with partners to turn ideas and knowledge into solutions and applied actions that make a positive difference to the world. 

We build important and long-lasting relationships with partners in industry, the public sector, government departments and agencies, non-governmental organisations, social enterprises, charities and architectural practices.

We use our research expertise and networks to co-produce new insights, to exchange knowledge, to answer pressing questions, to assist in policy and decision-making, to showcase cutting-edge developments in architecture and technology and to communicate with the public.

How we collaborate

Working together with UCL Innovation and Enterprise, as well as UCL Consultants and UCL Business, we are able to advise on how best to structure and run collaborative projects. Whether you are a social enterprise seeking co-funding opportunities, or an established company wishing to fund a particular project, we can tailor partnerships and projects to suit your needs.

Our expertise is cross-disciplinary and expands architectural research to reach other fields in the arts and humanities, social and environmental sciences, and technology. We’re happy to connect you to our academics, researchers and educators with knowledge in the areas of interest to you.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact Dr Kerstin Sailer, Director of Enterprise at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

Case Studies 

The Vauxhall Tavern, in London.

Safeguarding London’s LGBTQ+ Venues

Bartlett Professor Ben Campkin is leading research into the changing profile of London’s LGBTQ+ spaces, helping cities understand how to value their importance and ensure their future.

St Annes wall with moss for the ‘Le Fabrique du Vivant’ exhibition at the Centre Pompidou - detail. Photo Credit: Sarah Lever

Building Greener Cities with Poikilohydric Living Walls

What does a private garden, a London train station and an inner-city school have in common? They are all testbeds for Bartlett Professor Marcos Cruz’s cutting-edge research into bioreceptive design for green walls.

London Pedestrian Demand case study, by Ashley Dhanani

Making and Enabling the Case for Walking in Transport Planning

A pedestrian demand model created by Dr Ashley Dhanani at The Bartlett’s Space Syntax Laboratory is enabling local and regional government to develop active transport policy and infrastructure plans that prioritise pedestrians.