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Short stories

We speak to nine Bartlett academics who have been forging connections between the built environment and how it affects the way we live in 2019.

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Deregulated and disregarded

Dr Ben Clifford's report for the RICS reveals the true face of the offices-to-resi boom: poor-quality housing.

Present and future architecture

Professor Frèdèric Migayrou's Mutations-Creations, a programme of five exhibitions devoted to creation and computation at Paris's Centre Pompidou.

Safety unconscious

A study by Professor Hedley Smyth and colleagues finds UK construction firms employing health and safety practices that are sometimes too procedural, prescriptive and inconsistently implemented.

It’s not rocket science

The private sector will invest its money where it sees future growth and opportunity. The MOIIS Commission's report recommends how the UK government should direct that investment.

Building knowledge

Professor Philip Steadman on modelling every domestic and non-domestic building in London and its use of energy for the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Healthy development

Nici Zimmerman and a team led by Professor Mike Davies are working with six partner cities to guide development that is not only sustainable but delivers positive urban health outcomes.

Weapons of mass distraction

Professor Matthew Beaumont wants to start a social movement to encourage pedestrians to reclaim their attention from their phones as they walk the city streets.

Where’s the political will?

Tackling the world's mounting environmental problems needn't cost the earth, says Professor Paul Ekins. But policy-makers have got to want to do it.

Indigenous innovation

Can Kenya lead the way to a new kind of prosperity in Africa? And can Maasai warriors teach western tycoons leadership the world needs for the 21st century? Jacqueline McGlade thinks so.