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Long stories

We don’t want our research to simply sit in an academic journal to be read by other academics. In each issue of The Bartlett Review, we commission writers to take an in-depth look at how six of our research collaborations are having real-world impact.

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Co-creating the city

KNOW is one of the biggest research grants The Bartlett has ever received and its ambition is even bigger.

Plastic planet

Plastic waste is so pervasive that there'll never be only one solution to the problem, which is why a multidisciplinary team from across The Bartlett and UCL are trying to tackle it from all angles.

Designing out disease

Insect-borne diseases like malaria, dengue and zika account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases worldwide. What if we could prevent this by changing the way we build?

Mapping History

Colouring London, an open knowledge exchange platform that collates, collects, generates and visualises statistical data, aims to be the first place people go to for data on the capital's buildings.

Paradox island

The Energy Institute’s Island Laboratory is helping island nations worldwide chart possible sustainable futures as they're confronted by the challenges of climate change and resource shortages.

A different way of seeing

From a groundbreaking experiment to teach visually impaired students to initiatives to widen participation, The Bartlett wants to open up built-environment education to a more diverse cohort.