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Short stories

We interview eight Bartlett academics who have been forging connections between the built environment and how it affects the way we live in 2018.

A 360 degree photograph taken in a built-up city


An interview with Dr Edward Denison on a little-known period in Modernist history: 1930s Manchuria.

Taking a stand

A study by Professor Alexi Marmot and colleagues reveals ways to combat unhealthy trends in office design and culture that keep people in their seats.

Go to the polls

Dr Michael Walls, Senior Lecturer at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, talks about the election monitoring mission he co-ordinated in Somaliland in November 2017.

Disputing the green paradox

Will energy majors ramp up production and revenues ahead of a meaningful global tax on carbon? Professor Paul Ekins doesn't think so.

Circular cities

Associate Professor Joanna Williams is using a new network to test how models of the resource-conscious city might work in practice.

Balancing act

Dr Zhifu Mi, Research Fellow at The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, says cities are a trade-off between economic development and climate change mitigation.

State of play

Professor Andrew Burns’ EPSRC-funded project to create a digital archive of traditional play culture aims to use the past to invent the future of urban play spaces.

The soundman

Professor Jian Kang hopes to create a system for measuring soundscapes in terms of human wellbeing.

The Bartlett Review 2018
Image: Sergio Souza, Unsplash