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Long stories

In each issue of The Bartlett Review, we commission writers to take an in-depth look at how six of our research collaborations are having real-world impact.

A map tracking gobal movement using colour
Stoked city

You might not think skateboarding would be the subject of scholarly study, but a growing number of academics believe it has a lot to teach about how to make cities better for citizens

On the move

How do you create pathways to prosperity in an age of mass displacement?


Completed just months before the Carillion collapse, Castles in the Air?, Professor Hedley Smyth’s analysis of British main contractors, reads like a premonition.

The carbon leviathan

The race is on to decarbonise the international shipping industry and the UCL Energy Institute's scenario-based modelling is giving policy-makers the data they need to put the pressure on.

Design by a thousand cuts

The UK is on the verge of a major expansion in housebuilding, yet new research by the Place Alliance has revealed a chronic lack of urban design expertise in local authorities.

The language of change

The wicked problems of the 21st century are too complex and systemic to be solved by one sector alone.

The Bartlett Review 2018
Image: Kiln
A still from shipmap.org, an interactive map showing the movements of the world’s commercial shipping fleet over the course of 2012