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Radical thinking from The Bartlett, including: how the evolution of Venice offers lessons for the cities of tomorrow, why entrepreneurial states need innovative bureaucracies, and the demise of car ownership and the rise of Mobility as a Service.

Graphic design that reads "the city as an algorithm"

MaaS appeal

Mobility as a Service is ushering in the demise of car ownership and the rise of the new urban traveller.

Science on the road

Tackling unequal access to scientific culture means taking science communication out of its usual venues.

The case for rethinking capitalism

Western capitalism is in crisis and new approaches to economics and policy that challenge conventional thinking are needed to reform it.

The city as an algorithm

What can the cities of tomorrow learn from the evolution of Venice with its millennia-long reputation for innovation and enduring stability?

Service included

PhDs supported by the service sector are opportunities to drive research and development in built environment organisations operating outside the physical sciences.

Innovation bureaucracy 

Why the capacity for rejuvenation is the lifeblood of the entrepreneurial state.

Future practice

Creating the space for tomorrow's professionals means tearing down the barriers between disciplines and opening dialogue on the beliefs that guide our design processes.

Pathways to urban equality

Over the next 4 years, Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality aims to deliver transformative research & capacity for innovation in policy & planning in 12 cities across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The Bartlett Review 2018