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Short stories

Read 15 short stories showing how The Bartlett has been forging connections between the built environment and areas of pressing world concern in 2017.

3D printed objects - Out of the Cauldron by Tom Lomax

Future welfare: Universal Basic Services

New report says UK needs to rethink the welfare state for 21st-century challenges.

Living concrete

BiotA Lab is designing an architectural bark for buildings that has bio-receptive qualities – a stage set for cryptogams.

Climate change epidemic

The Lancet Countdown tracks 40 indicators on links between climate change and health.

Making a clean break

The UCL Energy Institute’s UKTM energy model underpins UK’s Clean Growth Strategy.

Home truths

Architects’ assumptions may be steering clients away from making sustainable choices for their homes.

Hot air rises

High-rise office and residential buildings use more energy per square metre than low-rise.

A different view of resources

The resource nexus offers new models to manage global resources sustainably.

Urban wellbeing in Nigeria

The need for infrastructure in Nigeria is being used as a pretext to displace low-income communities to release urban land value.

Lending power

Homebuyers could borrow more if they could accurately forecast their energy bills.

Urban zoo

How do pathogens get introduced into urban populations and how do they spread?

Old ground, new techniques

New study investigates the links between heritage science and sport science.

3D printed heritage

Leading scientists and artists are teaming up to research how modern art can best be preserved for future generations.

Parallel lives

Two pilot projects are building a picture of prosperity for residents of East London.

Drawing a crowd

Three sold-out conferences for The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2016/17.

Life on the edge

Trio of symposia explores situated practice in contemporary art, architecture and urbanism.