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Long stories

We don’t want our research to simply sit in an academic journal to be read by other academics.

CASA maze

In each issue of The Bartlett Review, we commission writers to take an in-depth look at how six of our research collaborations are having real-world impact.

Navigating dementia

Can a video game and three million minds help to defuse a global health timebomb?

Breaking point

The UK has a critical skills shortage in the construction industry, one that poses a significant risk to the delivery of planned major projects. Will Brexit push it over the edge?

Drawing to an end?

The Bartlett’s sell-out 2016 conference, ‘Drawing Futures’, proved that obituaries for the role of hand-drawing in architecture practice have been premature. 

Who’s the real NIMBY?

We all like the idea of major renewable energy infrastructure projects but what about when they’re built next door? 

Gone to ground

Today’s food system is depleting groundwater reserves faster than they can be replenished. What happens next could determine the future of global food security. 

Design in translation

What does AI-driven generative design mean for creativity and production in architecture?