Australian 'ndrangheta

The Australian 'Ndrangheta Research Group brings together scholars working in different disciplines based in Italy, Australia and the UK who are interested in investigating the history and contemporary reality of organised crime of Calabrian origin in Australia.

The 'ndrangheta is Italy's least known but most powerful criminal fraternity or mafia. One of its distinctive characteristics is the success it has had in establishing colonies outside of its home region of Calabria, such as in Germany and North America. There is very good evidence that the 'ndrangheta has had a substantial presence in Australia since at least the 1930s. Yet for a variety of reasons, law enforcement, public opinion and academia in Australia have frequently seemed reluctant to discuss this criminal organisation. Even today, the very word 'ndrangheta appears only very rarely in the Australian press.

Our research aims adopt the most recent developments in the judicial and academic understanding of the 'ndrangheta in Italy, and bring those insights to bear on the Australian context. We also aim to spread public understanding of the 'ndrangheta in Australia and beyond.
  Special Photograph No: 1916, Mugshot of Giuseppe Mammone, 15 February 1930, possibly Darlinghurst Police Station. New South Wales Police Forensic Photography Archive, Justice & Police Museum, Sydney Living Museums

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