Young Fashion


Image by: © Olivia Braddock

Tokyo is renowned for being one of the fashion capitals in the world, and many European designers admit to coming to areas such as the trendy Daikanyama for inspiration. As well as the “looks” that you might imagine would crop up on a runway in Paris or Rome, there are many other styles of fashion which young people in Japan follow. For example, some Japanese fashion has been influenced by manga.  Have you heard the word kawaii?  Kawaii is one of the Japanese words listed in the Oxford English dictionary which means cute. Looking “kawaii” is a trait Japanese girls look for, and can be shown through their fashion choice.

Gothic Lolita  

Gothic Lolita (or Gosuloli) is a Japanese fashion style. It is heavily influenced by Victorian china dolls, as well as costumes from the Rococo period. It is mainly worn by young people in Japan, but you can find people and shops all over the world now.

There are many different styles, such as Sweet Lolita and Punk Lolita.


(Photo by: © Mrs. Hisaka Bunting)

Sweet Lolita


Sweet Lolita is a very girly, childlike style. Large bows and childlike designs are used, often including Alice in Wonderland themes. A lot of the clothing is in pastel colours to help keep the childish aspect.




(Photo by: © Mrs. Hisaka Bunting)

Punk Lolita is a much more casual take on Lolita, mixing classic with punk elements. Safety pins, rips, chains, buckles, plaid and cutsews are main features. Punk Lolita is also influenced by Visual Kei bands, who wear clothing of a similar type

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