Salt deposits in the Dead Sea
Salt deposits in the Dead Sea. Image courtesy www.goisrael.com

Israel – the country

Today, more than sixty years after its establishment, Israel is a flourishing country with a population of seven million people who originated from a multitude of cultures around the world. Diversity and variety are the main characteristics of Israeli society, a fact having a substantial influence on the Hebrew language, which absorbed phrases and words from other languages.

The landscape in Israel is also very diverse, geographically located at the meeting point of the three continents Asia, Africa and Europe. Between the Negev desert in the south of the country and the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon in the north, you can enjoy Mediterranean beaches or explore geological phenomena near the lowest point on earth – in the Dead Sea.

The geographical and cultural diversity has appealed over the years to many tourists. Although Israel might sometimes seem as an unstable and even not very safe country, the tourists are still streaming to the country to enjoy its cultural, spiritual, historical and natural treasures.

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