A Hebrew lesson – from right to left! Image courtesy www.goisrael.com

Facts about Hebrew

Fact 1

Most English speakers might find it hard to pronounce basic Hebrew consonants. The letter ch for example, stands for a sound produced deep in the throat. Try yourself to pronounce the word chaim = life.

Fact 2

In Hebrew, unlike English, all nouns are either masculine or feminine. The neutral form it does not exist. So, what would you guess the Sun (Shemesh) will be? A he or a she? And what about the Moon (Yare’ach)?

Fact 3

As a Semitic language, Hebrew is written from right to left. When reading a Hebrew book you will start from the side of the right cover, finishing your reading on the left – what may seem to you as reading backwards, starting at the end and ending at the beginning!!