UCL Astrophysics Group


Programme and Slides

Monday 8th April 2019

1415:  Coach leaves UCL Main Quad for Cumberland Lodge

1600: Arrival

  • 1700:  Welcome (Richard Ellis and Ofer Lahav)

Chair: Richard Ellis

  • 1710: John Peacock (Edinburgh) Surveying Ofer: 2dFGRS and beyond [Slides]
  • 1735: Josh Frieman (FNAL) Ofer and DES [Slides]
  • 1800: Per B. Lilje (Oslo) Ofer's Universe: the first five years and beyond [Slides]
  • 1825: Nikolaos Konstantinidis (UCL) Ofer and the CDT Adventure [Slides]

1900:  Dinner

Tuesday 9th April 2019

Chair: Jochen Weller

  • 0900: George Efstathiou (Cambridge) The Status of Lambda CDM 
  • 0925: Bob Nichol (Portsmouth) Supernovae with DES: the latest [Slides]
  • 0950: Konrad Kuijken (Leiden)  KiDS: the latest [Slides]
  • 1015: Kathy Romer (Sussex) Cosmology with clusters: surprises from DES  [Slides]

1040: Break

Chair: Mark Cropper

  • 1055: Bernard Carr (QMUL) Primordial black holes as seeds for cosmic structure [Slides]
  • 1120: Anthony Lasenby (Cambridge) Statistics, Lambda and closed Universes [Slides]
  • 1145: Davide Gualdi (Nanyang) Enhancing cosmological constraints with bispectrum compression [Slides]
  • 1210: Caleb Scharf (Columbia) Neural nets and 1990’s cosmology [Slides]
  • 1235: Joe Silk (IAP) The Limits of Cosmology [Slides]

1300: Lunch

Chair: Andreu Font Ribera

  • 1400: Spotlight talks: 
    • Arthur Da Mota Loureiro (UCL): From Galaxy Surveys to the Lightest Neutrino [Slides]
    • Ben Henghes (UCL): Machine Learning in the Search for a Ninth Planet using DES [Slides]
    • Niall Jeffrey (UCL): Dark Matter Maps: from Bayes to Deep Learning [Slides]
  • 1425: Rachel Somerville (Flatiron) From Galaxy Fomation to Cosmology with Ofer [Slides]
  • 1450: Martin Haehnelt (Cambridge) Constraining free streaming of dark matter with the Lya forest [Slides]
  • 1515: Ignacio Ferreras (IAC/UCL) An information theory approach to stellar populations in galaxies [Slides]

1540 Break

Chair: Giorgio Savini

  • 1600: Saleem Zaroubi (Groningen) Epoch of Reionisation with 21cm experiments [Slides]
  • 1625: Richard Ellis (UCL) Probing for Cosmic Dawn [Slides]
  • 1650: Laerte Sodre Jr (Sao Paulo) Vlasov equation, violent relaxation, and a few comments on the nature of entropy [Slides]
  • 1715: Spotlight talks:
    • Pablo Lemos Portela (UCL): Qualifying Tension: Interpreting the DES evidence ratio [Slides]
    • Krishna Naidoo (UCL): Beyond 2PT: Using the Minimum Spanning Tree for Cosmology [Slides]
    • Constantina Nicolaou (UCL): Gravitational Wave Standard Sirens [Slides]
  • 1740: Orly Shenker (Hebrew U) Where are the clouds? Riddles in contemporary physics & the next revolution [Slides]
  • 1805 Lucy Calder The DES Book [Slides]

1915: Conference dinner

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Chair: Marie Treyer

  • 0900: Avishai Dekel (Hebrew U) The Golden Mass of Galaxies & Black Holes with Deep Learning [Slides]
  • 0925: Adi Nusser (Technion) Towards a higher mass for the Galaxy with little dark matter [Slides]
  • 0950: Yehuda Hoffman (Hebrew U) Near field cosmology from a Bayesian perspective [Slides]

1015:  Group Photograph

Chair: Steve Fossey

  • 1035: Renée Kraan-Korteweg (Cape Town) Unveiled large-scale structures in the ZOA and their effects on local flow fields [Slides]
  • 1100: Mike Hudson (Waterloo) The Great Attractor & Beyond: Cosmography & Cosmology with Large Scale Structure [Slides]
  • 1125: Rien van de Weijgaert (Groningen) The caustic skeleton of the cosmic web [Slides]

1200: Lunch

Chair: Peter Doel

  • 1300: Tsvi Piran (Hebrew U) Extinction, cosmological constant and GRBs [Slides]
  • 1325: David Gerdes (Michigan) New worlds beyond Neptune: Solar system discoveries with DES [Slides]
  • 1350: Break for Event Horizon Telescope press conference
  • 1440: Marius Usher (Tel Aviv) Decision making: from Bayesian principles to violations of rationality [Slides]
  • 1505: Alan Heavens (ICST) Special Ofer: biggest reductions ever! [Slides]

1600: End of conference

1630: Coach departs for UCL


Ofer at a Public Outreach lecture (2015)