UCL Astrophysics Group


Adi Ramani - Summer Intern

Adi Ramani
I am a 4th year MSci Theoretical Physics student here at UCL. I am interested in theoretical particle physics, cosmology and their overlap. I am keen on pursuing a career in research and academia. 


I spent my summer working under the supervision of Prof Richard Ellis and Dr Koki Kakiichi to investigate the physics of early galaxies. My project focussed on using the RAMSES-RT simulations to examine the correlation between the escape fraction and optical emission line strength and to check the reliability of the indirect Balmer line-based method. I post-processed the radiation hydrodynamic simulations performed by the RAMSES-RT code to compute Hα and Hβ line luminosities and correlate them with the predicted escape fractions. Overall, it was a fantastic 6 weeks with the group and I definitely learnt a lot.