UCL Astrophysics Group


UCLO Explore launched - Pay the UCL Observatory a virtual visit!

24 May 2021

UCLO Explore is a short educational video game where you can explore the UCL Observatory site to learn about and interact with our 5 astronomical telescopes.

An image from the game, showing the virtual Radcliffe telescope

Launched earlier this month, UCLO Explore gives members of the public the opportunity to visit the UCL Observatory in Mill Hill without leaving their chair. Players can explore a faithful rendition of the Observatory site, and can interact with all 5 of the astronomical telescopes, viewing images and videos taken directly through the telescopes themselves.

UCLO Explore runs on the Unity engine and is hosted in-browser as a WebGL game.  The game can be played in the window in the page, or you can switch to fullscreen by tapping the blue icon on the bottom right. For weaker computers or laptops, we recommend playing in the small-windowed mode as full-screen will be more taxing for your system.

To play the game, visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-observatory/public-outreach/uclo-explore