UCL Astrophysics Group


"New Arrival" at UCLO

6 June 2019

New 80cm telescope from ASTELCO arrives at UCLO.

New 80cm telescope

At 12pm on 06/06/2019 the New 80cm telescope from ASTELCO landed on its plinth in the Wilson building after its trip from Munich. Fourteen years of fund-raising, two years after the tender, just over a year of build, it is delivered. Now we can get on with installation and commissioning over the Summer for it to be in working order for the 2019/20 student cohort.

A massive thanks to the UCLO technicians Mick Pearson and Thomas Schlichter, the ASTELCO Systems (telescope manufacturers), Kirkman & Jourdain (drilling and plinth build), Wilde Carter-Clack (plinth design), CityLifting (hositing the 2 tonne telescope in place without a hitch),  and of course UCL Estates for all the preparation work of the last three years including the new dome fitting.

Prof Giorgio Savini, DIrector of UCLO