Trent University, Canada; University College London, UK; Greek Archaeological Service (26th EPKA)
under the aegis of the Canadian Institute in Greece and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

This project was carried out under the auspices of the Canadian Institute in Greece, with a permit from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We would particularly like to thank our three primary external funding agencies the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory and the Mediterranean Archaeological Trust. In addition, the UCL Institute of Archaeology generously offered financial assistance to meet shortfalls in other funding programmes. In Athens, we would like to thank Jonathan Tomlinson in particular for his regular input and assistance with permit applications and reporting. This project has benefited from the cooperative opportunities made possible by a formal synergasia (with AT as Greek synergast) and all three of us would like to thank the 26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities for their constant support. We are also grateful to the 1st Ephorate Byzantine Antiquities for assistance and advice on several issues, especially Marina Papadimitriou.

Departure on the ferry
Early morning arrival of the Mirtidiotissa. Photograph by J.J.P O'Neill.

Two of us (AB and JC) benefited hugely from our participation in the larger intensive survey undertaken on the neighbouring island of Kythera as part of the Kythera Island Project (directed by Cyprian Broodbank and Evangelia Kiriatzi) and we continue to be involved as it moves towards final publication. In addition, the following have offered important advice or academic support over in 2005-7: Ted Banning, John Bennet, John Cherry, Jack Davis, Jennifer Moody, Lucia Nixon and Todd Whitelaw.

Further heartfelt thanks to the present-day inhabitants of Antikythera for their generosity, help and warm welcome, particularly Andreas Charchalakis, Manolis Charchalakis, Nikitas Galanis, Georgos Katsanevakis, Maria Katsanevakis, Marinos Katsanevakis, Myronas Patakakis, Dionysis Progolakis and Myronas Progolakis. During our fieldwork, three different doctors on posting to the island were also extremely helpful and supportive.

The content of this website reflects the work of many people, each of whom is mentioned individually on their relevant sub-pages. Website design has been the responsibility of the project directors, but Greg Hives and Anna Stellatou also provided critical input and assistance. Finally, we are grateful to the many people who contributed to our field and study seasons (full personnel list) - we are very aware of the thorny and/or dusty price you often paid in support of ASP research (for the unofficial impression of ASP fieldwork, see the videos posted by ASP team members).

Andrew Bevan (UCL)
James Conolly (Trent)
Aris Tsaravopoulos (26th EPKA)