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This conference investigates how creative health approaches and social prescribing can be used to connect and communicate life through generations. We invite both experts from around the world and also artists, performers, practitioners and experts by experience from local communities. Our aim is to provide interdisciplinary cohesion and a bridge between the academic world and the general public, between policy and third sector organisations. Join our debate, for 2 days (3 hours on each day) of stimulating conversations between fascinating people. We will provoke, encourage, challenge, nourish your mind and your senses.


Listen to MASc Programme Lead Prof Helen Chatterjee MBE and the Rt Hon. Lord Alan Howarth of Newport CBE who have spent many years working and researching in the area of Creative Health. They discuss what Creative Health is, how it can help people, and what the new Masters degree will cover.


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Lunch Hour Lecture and Blog

Prof Helen Chatterjee talks about how Creative Health and Social Prescribing can support health equity.

Video and FAQs from the February 2021 launch event

UCL’s MASc in Creative Health officially launched in February 2021 with a panel event hosted by the Programme Lead, Prof Helen Chatterjee, with input from the following sector professionals:

  • Dr Errol Francis, Artistic Director and CEO, Culture& and UCL Alumnus.
  • Victoria Hume, Executive Director, Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.
  • Guy Noble, Arts Curator, UCL Hospitals Arts and Heritage.

You can view a video of the event and find answers to the questions raised during the event below.

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"At the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance we’re delighted to be working with UCL on the new MASc - there is an urgent need for more interdisciplinary approaches like this one in higher education and working with UCL is an important part of our broader aim to support the relationships between scholarship, policy and practice”.  Victoria Hume, Executive Director, Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance.

“It is exciting to learn about UCL’s new interdisciplinary MASc in Creative Health. This sounds like an ideal opportunity to create a new talent pipeline of practitioners who will develop socially engaged approaches to health and wellbeing through arts and culture. I am delighted to learn that the course will also be a means by which to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce to tackle the inequalities in the arts and health sectors”. Dr Errol Francis, Artistic Director and CEO, Culture& and UCL Alumnus.

I have worked for years to bring the fields of medicine, science, creativity and the arts together within a hospital context. I have seen at first-hand how creativity improves communication and empathy in our doctors, how it can amplify patient voices and bring communities together to celebrate difference. I am thrilled to be involved in the launching and teaching of this new initiative particularly at a time where social isolation is the norm and it is even more vital to work in creative ways to challenge health inequalities”. Guy Noble, Arts Curator, UCL Hospitals Arts & Heritage.

Video and FAQs from the March 2021 Information Sessions

Following the official launch event in February 2021, Prof Helen Chatterjee and Alexandra Coulter, Director of the National Centre for Creative Humanities, provide more information and discussion on the programme.

You can view a video of the event and find answers to the questions raised during the event below.

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Video from the May 2021 FAQ Session

Prof Helen Chatterjee and Dr Thomas Kador are joined by BASc alumna Esme Elsden who talks about her journey from taking the BASC0030 Arts, Nature and Wellbeing: Non-Clinical Interventions in Health module as part of her Arts and Sciences degree and how it's shaped her career and study plans.

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